The Penrod Company today introduced a new addition to its popular XO line of cellular PVC products: XO Wood Grain.

XO Wood Grain combines the resiliency, durability and workability of XO’s synthetic boards with the aesthetic appeal of natural hardwood products, making it a popular wood replacement remedy for builders, designers and homeowners. With a thick, consistent, tough and paintable surface, XO offers all the advantages of wood without the natural disadvantages, such as water damage or insect-related decay.

Introduced last year with a nationwide advertising campaign touting “XO Takes on the Extremes,” XO Cellular PVC Board has enjoyed an enthusiastic reception from homeowners and builders who turn to the product for exterior construction needs including trimboards, fascia, cornerboards, beadboards, columns and many other applications. Commonly referred to as “Rhino board” for the red rhino that appears on the product’s literature, contractors and homeowners can now purchase the standard XO Smooth product or XO Wood Grain, which is smooth on one side and wood grained on the other.

XO expects the new product’s two different facades to make it all the more popular with a growing customer base.

“This is a one-of-a-kind product that is suited to almost every job and need and promises years of maintenance free enjoyment,” said Karsten Nielsen, Vice President of Hardware and PVC Products at The Penrod Company. “XO Wood Grain gives customers the best of both worlds. They have the traditional realism of wood grain – or the option of the smooth surface, all the while avoiding the chipping, warping or decay commonly associated with wood. ”

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