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272 Bendix Road, Suite 550
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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The Penrod Company
272 Bendix Road Suite 550, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 USA
phone 757-498-0186 • fax 757-498-1075

From its inception in 1888 as a manufacturer of forest products, Penrod has grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of forest products, metal and PVC products for the residential and commercial construction markets. With offices in every major region around the globe, distribution centers on most continents, and an efficient trade network, we are an international leader in the industries we service. Penrod is proud to embrace the concept of sustainable forestry as an essential element to our success as a company and as a solidly compliant, responsible global citizen.

The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios

The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios