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As a global manufacturer and distributor, The Penrod Group is consistently monitoring and prioritizing employee health and safety by adjusting each of the group’s operating divisions as necessary to ensure our organization in all countries we operate follow protocols of local, state, and federal governments, as well as official health authorities, both international organizations, and local country advisories.

The Penrod Company remains open for business with Administrative staff working from home.

We have taken a proactive approach with our value chain business partners to reduce inventory uncertainty for our customers in the event our U.S. and International distribution centers are affected by the pandemic.

Operational updates related to inventory levels, production planning, and back up sourcing options will be communicated by respective division managers as information becomes available.

We encourage you to reach out to us for any questions or additional information.



It’s all about value.

Behind the recognizable Penrod name is an efficient trade network and reliable distribution infrastructure for forest products, built on best practices and exceptionally competent compliance.

We are committed to the needs of our manufacturing customers—wherever you may be—and we are working every day to strengthen our global value chain through innovative yet always reliable forest product operations and service.



It’s all about utility.

St-Raymond Veneer Inc., part of The Penrod Group and an integrated manufacturer of high-utility, high-quality face veneer and sliced veneer for the hardwood plywood industry, is located in beautiful St-Raymond, Quebec, Canada, and has a rich history of success in the veneer industry.

The combination of our advanced manufacturing facility, sought-after production expertise, commitment to quality standards, and competitive costs makes the most of the high-utility forest products we offer, giving you even higher value.

& Hinges


It’s all about commitment.

Penrod took its history and experience in managing diverse distribution and manufacturing channels and applied it to door-related items.

The company’s commitment to service has enabled it to become one of the leaders to the professional market in NAFTA for products that include hinges, fasteners and general hardware. You’ll find a variety of finishes for residential and commercial applications, as well as a competitively priced inventory that is generally available for shipment within 24 hours. It is the Penrod way.

Our commitment to progress enables us to continually look at creating new products and find innovative solutions to better serve the needs of our customers.


PVC Building


It’s all about innovation.

XO by Penrod offers you special hybrid PVC solutions that stand out in the marketplace. They’re easier to use because they cut more smoothly and the sealed-edge boards stay cleaner. They’re tougher because they don’t chip like others due to the special way they’re made. And they’re better because they’re more dent resistant, and can be milled and machined.

They are, after all, made by Penrod.


Keeping Our


Penrod can be traced back almost 130 years through two world wars, a depression and the development of strong competition from Third World countries.

From the time the “Walnut King” John Noble Penrod started this company in 1888 to the production of wooden airplane components during World War I, Penrod was there.

From promoting mahogany to the American furniture market in the ‘40s to supplying the African mahogany veneer in the interior of the ‘65 Cadillac, Penrod was there.

From the creation of a metal products division in 1988 to the purchase of St-Raymond in 2003, Penrod was there. From establishing a PVC division in 2004, Penrod was there.

With continued global growth, Penrod continues to be there.

The Penrod Company
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From its inception in 1888 as a manufacturer of forest products, Penrod has grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of forest products, metal and PVC products for the residential and commercial construction markets. With offices in every major region around the globe, distribution centers on most continents, and an efficient trade network, we are an international leader in the industries we service. Penrod is proud to embrace the concept of sustainable forestry as an essential element to our success as a company and as a solidly compliant, responsible global citizen.

The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios

The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios