Enhancing our capability and compliance through our value chain
Building utility at reasonable costs
We’re highly-focused on building and delivering consistency, efficiency, reliability and value. That’s our mission.
Tim Heidt – President & COO, Forest Products
Value and quality control are built into our process. At every step along the way, Penrod’s goal is to optimize operations, achieve consistency, meet compliance and deliver quality forest products in a reliably efficient manner.

A large part of our disciplined process is our people, dedicated professionals who have decades of experience. Some work closely with our growing global trade network to supply us and our valued customers. Some are focused on our systems, from procurement to delivery, ensuring our customers are served well. And our leadership team drives big-picture innovation and continuous improvement.

Penrod is also systematically integrated with our trade partners and trade associations, not only as an active participant, but many times as a long-time leader.

Simply put, we are motivated, respectful, fair, connected, legal and professional. We are also continuously evaluating the cost of quality through our shared value chain, and refining our process and culture to mitigate issues, identify opportunities, improve our performance and better meet your needs.

Forest Products That Meet the Needs of Global Manufacturers

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From veneer to panels
Our line of forest products includes:
Brian Powers, COO, Hardware & Cellular PVC Products
Corestock Veneer
Brian Powers, COO, Hardware & Cellular PVC Products
Veneer Core Platforms
Brian Powers, COO, Hardware & Cellular PVC Products
Specialty Panels such as Bending Panels
Brian Powers, COO, Hardware & Cellular PVC Products
Sliced and Rotary Veneer from a variety of global sources
Our products are used by manufacturers in various applications.
Based in Paris, France, Penrod Europe is a distributor of forest products in Europe and North America. This addition further expands Penrod’s global network.

  • France
  • Italy
  • U.S. Pacific N.W.
  • U.S. East Coast
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Spain