The Jack W. Kerr, Jr. Outstanding Graduate Taxation Student Award recognizes Jacqueline Padaon, Penrod’s Accounting Supervisor, as the best student in her graduate taxation classes. The winner is chosen by the Old Dominion University’s School of Accountancy faculty, based on the recommendation of the graduate tax faculty. According to her professor, “Jacqui performed extremely well in the Fall 2017 class and her work was exceptional.”

What helped motivate you as you worked and attended school?

She attributes “chats” with Buzz Heidt, Penrod Chairman and CEO, as motivating factors in her being nominated for the award. Jacqui says, “Buzz has motivated me throughout my entire career at Penrod. We regularly talk about my career goals and he’s always been one of my number one supporters. He acknowledges my accomplishments and my potential, which were major factors that inspired me to pursue my master’s degree. Knowing that I have a leader who is so passionate about bringing up women leaders within our organization makes me proud to work at Penrod.”

How does it help you contribute to Penrod and make you a better Penrod team player?

Jacqui appreciates the award as further proof of the power of mentoring and strong leadership she finds at Penrod. “Because I had great mentors and am surrounded by strong leaders,” Jacqui explains, “I have been empowered to bring my skills to work and succeed. As a female and a working mother, this has even more significant importance. This award is a reminder for me to pay it forward by mentoring and helping leading team members and future leaders so they can do the same.”