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Michele Jaskolski

Penrod Promotions

Virginia Beach, Va. (07/06/20) - The PENROD Company is proud to announce the promotion of Matthew Hersey to COO of the Hardware & Cellular PVC Division. Matt, a retired U.S. Army Major, joined PENROD in 2019 as Supply Chain Manager. In his new role, Matt will...

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CEO Letter to Our Team: Our Position on Social Justice

Dear Members of The Penrod Company, I believe it is important for our company to clearly and definitively state our position on social justice in these challenging and painful times our country and the world are experiencing in response to the death of George Floyd....

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Karsten Nielsen Presented with The Patriot Award

Virginia Beach, Va. (11/07/19) - Karsten Nielsen, President & COO, Hardware and Cellular PVC Division was presented with The Patriot Award by Walter Goodwyn, Area Chair of Virginia ESGR, in recognition of ongoing efforts made by the Company to support employees’...

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Penrod Europe

Penrod Europe (PE) is now positioned for more growth and will require even more time and resources. As such, Tim Heidt will focus on St-Raymond Veneer (SRV) and Buzz Heidt on Penrod Europe (PE). This will benefit both of those businesses and the Group as a whole. Also, as a President of The Penrod Company, Tim will continue to provide support where needed in Virginia Beach from an overall corporate (Group) perspective.

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